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What Kinds of Grants Are Available For Walk-In Baths and Showers?

Installing a new accessible bathroom in your house may provide a lot of flexibility for people who have mobility issues. That is why we make certain that all of our clients are aware of the available Disabled Facilities Grants. If you qualify, this award will help you pay for your accessible wet room installation.

These funds, which are administered by your local council, vary depending on the authority, so always check with them before applying.

Grants For Disabled People

The household’s income and savings are totally dependent on this handout. This implies that while the grant won’t cover the entire cost of the installation, it will help a lot.

It’s worth noting that if construction on your home has already begun, you might not be eligible for a grant from your local government.

Payment Acceptance

There are several alternatives available once you have been authorised for the grant and the council is ready to give you the cash.


Is The Disabled Facilities Grant Available To Me?

The overall qualifying status for this award varies significantly based on your local authorities, but it is as follows:

  • You or someone in your household must be unbalanced.
  • You must either own or rent the property.
  • During the grant period, you must intend to dwell in the property.
    • Currently, this is for 5 years.


If your renter is disabled and you are a landlord, you can apply for the Disabled Facilities Grant on their behalf. There are specific requirements that must be satisfied in terms of your property and the repair completed in order to get the funding.

  • The council must be convinced that the work is suitable for the handicapped person’s requirements at home.
  • They must also be satisfied that the repair can be done without causing harm to the property owing to its age and condition.

Construction Regulations

It’s important to keep in mind that planning authorization and building requirements must be filed separately. Prior to the installation of your new wet room, our team of specialists is always available to provide you advice and answer any concerns you may have about these permits.

Disabled Facilities Grant Application

You’ll have to apply through your local authorities because the funding is only accessible through them. The processing time, for example, might vary. Our team would gladly assist you with any problems or questions you may have about the grant.

For Further Information On How To Apply For A Disabled Facilities Grant, Please Contact Us.

For further information on the Disabled Facilities Grant, please contact us. Please contact us at 0800 731 6495 if you require any support or guidance. Our team of expert designers and advisers has a wealth of expertise in applying for these awards and can guide you through the process.

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