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How Big Does A Disabled Access Bathroom Have To Be?

Our staff can design and construct handicapped-accessible restrooms. We offer a complete service, from design to completion, leaving your house with a brand new, completely accessible bathroom that meets your requirements.

When it comes to consultations, we’re frequently questioned about space. Due to the need for additional equipment/accessories in the room, this is usually in the forefront of everyone’s thoughts.

We’ve put in a lot of smaller bathrooms. Our creative designers are masters at making the most of the available space to create something that is ideal for you and your requirements. However, because many people are concerned about space, we’ve highlighted some of the most important factors to consider.

Accessible Wet Room Minimum Requirements

There are minimal requirements that our designers must follow when designing your new accessible bathroom, just as there are minimum regulations that apply to any renovation or new build. The minimum measurements for an accessible wet room, including the shower, toilet, and basin, are 2.5m × 2.4m, as prescribed by legislation.

Despite these restrictions, our designers may employ a variety of design features and approaches to maximise the potential of a tiny space. Use of a shower rather than a bath, for example. All of this is contingent on your requirements and mobility.

According to the regulations, there must be at least a 1.5m circular area to turn and navigate the room in order for wheelchair users to have total access and manoeuvrability.

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What Is The Significance Of The Regulations?

It’s crucial to remember that when it comes to building accessible restrooms, the laws assume that the accessible wet room would be used by a wheelchair user. This is why they provide a turning space as well as other more detailed instructions.

Our designers will be able to follow the standards with ease, guaranteeing that we produce a standardised accessible bathroom at the very least.

Installing A Wet Room In Your Home That Is Accessible

We design every part of an accessible bathroom or house to meet the demands of the person. This implies that each one will be unique, since they will be designed to make using all of its capabilities simple and straightforward.

The size of your new bathroom will be determined by your needs, including whether you want a bath or a shower, as well as whether or not you need assistance while using the facilities.

Creating An Accessible Bathroom For Wheelchair Users

There are a few distinctions between an accessible restroom for a wheelchair user and one for someone with mobility difficulties. As a result, the restrictions described above may be beneficial. When dealing with a smaller room, for example, making sure the entryway is broad enough and having enough circulation space might be a challenge.

Because we build our bathrooms around your wheelchair’s manoeuvrability, there are a variety of strategies we may employ to make the most of your bathroom space.

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Do You Require Additional Assistance Using The Bathroom?

We recognise that when one’s mobility deteriorates, they may require the assistance of a loved one or a caregiver. This is taken into account throughout the design phase since the area will have to be expanded to accommodate the extra person.

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