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What Is The Difference Between Wet Rooms and Shower Rooms?

Wet rooms and shower rooms are both wonderful alternatives for those with restricted mobility. A wet room is totally open plan, with waterproof walls and floors, as well as a drain in the centre that allows water to flow away effortlessly.

A shower room is comparable to a bathroom, except it is normally separated by one or more panels and has its own drainage system. Typically equipped with a low threshold shower tray to make it simpler to use for those with restricted mobility.

Several considerations should be examined while choosing between the two. This includes toilet space as well as personal requirements. Because they are open plan, wet rooms are suitable for wheelchair users or those with limited mobility.

What Is A Walk-In Shower?

Walk-in showers, in most situations, do not have doors. Simply enter the shower section, which is generally separated by panels. This bathing system includes a wet room panel as well as a low-profile shower tray.

Walk-in showers mimic the look and feel of a wet room and may be an option when space is limited.

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Advantages Of a Shower Room

Ideally suited for people with limited mobility.

For persons with restricted mobility, a walk-in shower is excellent. They are straightforward to use, with simply a tiny, low-lying shower tray, and can be provided with a shower seat to further assist the user.

Simple to Maintain

Walk-in showers are far easier to maintain than typical shower enclosures since just the glass screen, shower tray, and shower head need to be cleaned. Inquire about walk-in shower screens that have an easy-to-clean protective coating that repels dirt and soap buildup.

Perfect For Small Spaces

Walk-in showers are perfect for compact spaces because they offer the sense of more room. A walk-in shower eliminates the need to consider the available space.

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What Exactly Is A Wet Room?

The shower in a wet room is totally open, with the shower floor flush with the bathroom floor. The shower floor has a modest inclination, which allows water to drain. To avoid leaks, a moist room is totally enclosed.

Simply Accessible

Wet rooms are the most adjustable area, allowing persons with impairments and mobility issues to easily use them. Because they are totally open plan, they are also accessible to wheelchair users.

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Ideal For Any Size Bathroom

While wet rooms are typically associated with bigger bathrooms, our designers can incorporate wet rooms into any size bathroom. We can advise you on the best processes to follow to guarantee that the accessible bathroom you select suits your needs.

Increase The Value Of Your Home

Wet Rooms are a fashionable and useful alternative to typical bathrooms that have been shown to increase the value of your property. If you decide to sell your house, a wet room will boost its value and act as a selling factor. Our expert team will design and build a personalised wet room that compliments the style of your house.

Contact Us For More Information On Wet Rooms and Shower Rooms

If you have any queries concerning our shower rooms or wet room installations, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are delighted to answer any concerns you may have, as well as offer support and advise on discovering and getting grants to which you may be entitled. Contact us today on 0800 731 6495 for more information.

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