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Bathrooms With Wet Rooms

Bathrooms with wet rooms are a practical and elegant solution to modify your bathroom while also restoring independence to persons with mobility challenges. Because there are no shower trays to step over, the whole bathroom space becomes one flat level. An fantastic solution that allows individuals who require it to bathe in private and without difficulty.

Wet rooms do not have to be ugly in order to be practical. Every bathroom with a wet room that we construct is practical as well as elegant, completely fulfilling your demands and preferences.

What Is a Wet Room?

A wet room is a room with impermeable walls and floors obtained by the use of a high-quality waterproof membrane. Most wet rooms are entirely open plan and offer all of the amenities of a standard bathroom, with the exception of certain barriers that persons with limited mobility may experience, such as an elevated shower tray.

Typically, the floor is gently inclined to ensure that water from the shower runs smoothly to the drain. This prevents water from accumulating and reduces slip hazards.

level access wet room

Will There Be Drainage Issues?

In a well-built wet space, drainage will not be an issue. When building your area, we consider a number of elements to guarantee that drainage is never an issue. One of these issues is the gradient to the drain. As a result, surplus water flows down the drain every time, avoiding pools of water from forming.

floor level luxury wet room

Wet Room Water Proofing

We design and construct high-quality, totally waterproof wet rooms. We utilise the finest waterproof membranes available to ensure that the moisture created does not infiltrate.

What Are The Advantages of Wet Rooms?

The most apparent benefit of having a wet room constructed is the enhanced adaptability. They are one of the best solutions for folks who need aid with their movement.

Wet rooms may be a trendy way to renovate your home. Shower benches and grab rails are available for people who needs aid with washing.

Wet rooms are not just for those with restricted movement, but also for wheelchair users. If you have restricted mobility or need a wheelchair, our designers will work directly with you to ensure that the space is totally accessible and practical for you.

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Increase The Value of Your Property

Wet rooms have grown in popularity as a desired modern addition to a home, raising the value of the property. They are useful, trendy, and trendy. Our wet rooms will provide you with a lovely setting that is tailored to your unique demands and preferences.

Find Out More Information on Wet Rooms With Bathrooms

To learn more about our wet rooms and other options, please contact our customer service team on 0800 731 6495. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and to set up a free consultation with you. If you have the chance, why not pay a visit to one of our showrooms?

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