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Assisted Bathing & Disabled Bathrooms Harlow

Practical Mobility Bathrooms

We are proud to be your local specialists in assisted mobility bathrooms. Regardless of your physical constraints, we offer a variety of products to improve your bathing experience. We’ll collaborate with you to construct the bathroom of your dreams, complete with practical safety features that make bathing a pleasure.

  • Walk-in Baths: Seating, low-entry doors, and slip-resistant surfaces are all standard features in our bathtubs. Bathing will be transformed from a stressful to a pleasurable experience.
  • Walk-in Showers: Do your mobility issues prevent you from showering confidently? Our walk-in-showers are tailored to accommodate the highest safety requirements. Your worries will melt away in the shower thanks to non-slip flooring, grab bars, and safety doors.
  • Wet Rooms: If you need accessibility or have a caregiver, a wet room will provide you with the necessary space to explore your bathroom with confidence. Bathing will become a freeing experience, not a tiresome one, thanks to our range of practical enhancements.
  • Smart Toilets: Our smart toilets perform similarly to a bidet, allowing you to use the toilet with confidence. Touch-free controls and a heated lid are also available, ensuring maximum comfort and usage with no effort.
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disability access home bathroom

Functional Wet Rooms

A wet room is an excellent investment for a hassle-free and relaxing bathing experience. We can install one regardless of the size of your bathroom, and we can do it completely or partially, depending on your requirements. Because we are dedicated to delivering a high-quality product at a reasonable price, your charge will not alter after it has been agreed upon, even if building takes longer than expected.

A wet room gives you the confidence to use your bathroom without fear of injury if your mobility is restricted or you use a wheelchair. You may customise your bathroom to meet your specific needs, with non-slip flooring, step-free access, and a range of safety measures.

Our Mobility Bathroom Solutions

Product Guarantees & Promises

To avoid price modifications and other health dangers, we will do a complete examination before we begin work on your bathroom. As a consequence, we vow not to sign off on your new bathroom until we’ve met our stringent security requirements. We treat your house with the greatest care and respect while we operate there. We will keep noise pollution to a minimum and make sure to clean up after ourselves at the end of the day. We can also give you an estimate of how long the building will take. Please contact us directly for additional details.

As a standard, all of our items come with a 12-month warranty. After that, you’re covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, which may last anywhere from a year to a lifetime. You may contact our staff for further information about your warranty if you have any questions or concerns. Our vision is to provide a bespoke haven for individuals who have mobility needs. There are also grants available for walk-in baths and showers. We want to make sure that your product lasts as long as possible, so we’re always willing to help.

Affordable Mobility Bathrooms & Wet Rooms Harlow

We are skilled and competent in developing mobility bathrooms to fit unique needs, with over 20 years of expertise in the sector. Contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff now to learn more about how we can create the customised bathroom of your dreams.

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