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Assisted Bathing & Disabled Bathrooms Hemel Hempstead

Practical Mobility Bathrooms

We are experts in the mobility bathroom industry, with over 20 years of experience building made-to-order wet rooms and bathrooms. Our staff is dedicated to designing the bathroom of your dreams, along with practical features that reduce mobility limitations. We’ll work closely with you to make the most of your space, so contact us today to learn more about our products.

  • Walk-in Baths: Our low-level entry and slip-resistant surfaces take the stress out of bathing. Our walk-in baths will rekindle your love for a relaxing soak, whether you’re elderly or have mobility issues.
  • Walk-in Showers: Our walk-in showers are spacious and equipped with a variety of safety features such as safety doors, low-level shower trays and grab rails. With our modern and functional design, stressful showers will be a relic of the past.
  • Wet Rooms: Consider investing in a contemporary wet room to make the most of your existing space. They’re made to be as accessible as possible, so you can move around freely regardless of your mobility limitations.
  • Smart Toilets: Our smart toilets are smart enough to handle all the work for you, allowing you to be more independent and comfortable. They are available in a range of colours to match your existing décor.


Wet room-shower handles - white wall

Wheelchair-Friendly Wet Rooms

There are a number of differences between wet rooms and shower rooms. Our wet rooms are adaptable enough to satisfy a broad range of mobility demands if you want more control over your bathroom. We can build a complete or partial wet room for you, with a variety of modern and functional design options to make your bathroom retreat your own. Shower doors, grab rails, and non-slip flooring are examples of safety features that can be added to your space.

The utility of our wet rooms is a priority. Our designs are intended to be open-plan and accessible if you have a wheelchair or a caregiver. We will not sign off on your wet room until it has passed stringent security checks, as a testament to our high safety standards. We have faith in our products, but your safety and comfort come first.

Our Mobility Bathroom Solutions

Product Promises & Guarantees

Our commitment to your well-being is one of our core values. Our staff is courteous, compassionate, and committed to providing you with the highest quality service possible. As a result, when we work on your home, we will treat it with the utmost respect and make as little noise as possible. We will clean up at the end of the day so that our work does not disrupt your daily routine.

During your meeting, we may also estimate an installation schedule so that you can plan around the construction. The installation time will vary depending on the nature of the planned work, so please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

In terms of warranties, all of our products come with a standard 12-month warranty. After this time, the manufacturer’s warranty, which could last anywhere from 12 months to a lifetime, will cover your product. Please contact us if you have any questions about your warranty. We are dedicated to installing high-quality, long-lasting items, so we are always delighted to help.

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Disability Bathrooms Hemel Hempstead

Contact us to talk with a member of our experienced and pleasant staff about your new mobility bathroom. Our top priority is your satisfaction, safety, and comfort. Give us a call now to see how we can make your life simpler.

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